7PM - 9PM

2 HR+
(Seeking to service and submit to thoTmaster for fwb)

I am NOT Willing to Donate, Don't Ask!


My fantasy would be to come to visit ThoTmaster and chat for a bit to find out what turns him on. We’d blow a few clouds (I always bring favs to contribute) then he would tell me to strip, leaving me exposed in my jockstrap and socks. He’d tell me to put on a mask and put a collar and leash on me and begin to put me on all fours and tie me down and begin spanking and eating my cunt followed by pushing a large booTy bump in me and telling me how he’s going to use my boy cunT for his pleasure. I’ll beg to suck his dick and afterward he can make my cunt his sloppy and nasty spun cunt for fucking, pissing, stretching, spanking, fisting, pimping out and breeding.

Basic Stats

Age: 31
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 165

Other, MD

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