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Mr. GQ

Changing the Game – GQ Style

Current Location
Philadelphia, PA

A Little Bit About Mr. GQ

Very polite/well rounded individual with great skin, a sense of humor, and a nice body. Full Time Software Engineer by day, Massage Therapist/escort by night. Beyond experienced, Handsome and intelligent willing and wanting-to satisfy all of your most sincere or naughtiest desires. A smooth, strong and passionate brother guaranteed to tantalize all of your senses.

Session Rates

$80 - Half Hour
$150 - Full Hour
$200 - VIP Session
Extended Sessions/Special Requests Vary
*$20 Travel Fee

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Massage Services

I offer professional and discreet massage, light to moderate pressure, in a relaxed and private setting. I have over five years experience and can tailor a perfect session for your enjoyment.

Companionship Services

Mr GQ is your solution for personalized companionship in the comfort of your home. I truly value the importance of compassion, dignity, and respect for all of my clients across all stages of life.

Computer Service

Is your computer running really slow? Are you getting pop ups and advertisements even when your not surfing the internet? It could be a virus. No matter what kind of PC you have, Mr GQ can fix it.

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